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Urea Plant - 1,000 TPD
Stock # 252
Capacity 1,000 TPD

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 1,000 TPD Urea Plant immediately available. The complete Urea plant includes urea synthesis (reaction rate reaches 60%), decomposition, crystallization, dehydration, recovery and packing units. The plant engineers continuously improved the performance of the urea process. In its typical operation, the plant achieved the following consumption of raw materials and utility per metric ton of urea product. - Ammonia: 0.575 ton - CO2: 385 Nm3 - Electricity: 187.8 KW - Steam: 1.324 ton

Urea Plant - 240,000 TPY
Stock # 309
Capacity 240,000

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 240,000 TPY Urea plant immediately available. The plant was constructed by C&I Girdler to produce granular urea. The synthesis and recovery sections utilize the Snam-progetti Process. The finishing section employs the C&I Gridler-Cominco Spherodizer Granulation Process.

Urea Plant - 1,400 TPD
Stock # 434
Capacity 1,400 TPD

The plant was originally designed for 1,270 TPD. After several upgrades, its current capacity increased to 1,400 TPD. If its CO2 compressor is up-scaled more, the plant can produce 1,500 TPD of urea. Major upgrades include: (a) High efficient trays (Casale) installed in urea reactor – 1996; (b) Desorption and hydrolysis section (Casale technology) – 1996; (c) Radar level meters for reactor and stripper – 2011; (d) Carbamate pumps pulsation dampers – 2011; (e) CO2 compressor Woodward control system – 1996. Urea is synthesized from liquid ammonia and CO2 gas at the pressure of 144 bar and temperature of 180 – 190 °C. CO2 is compressed at 134 – 145 bar with 4% of air injected to prevent corrosion. Ammonia is pumped at 160 – 170 bar into the high pressure carbamate condenser. Ammonia and CO2 react in the urea synthesis column to generate raw urea. Urea solution is obtained in the stripper and expanded at 2.5 – 3 bar. Evaporation has two stages in vacuum to generate urea melt at 99.7%. (This plant is compatible with Ammonia Plant #433).

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