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2 Sulfuric Acid Plants for Sale
Sulfuric Acid Plant - 2,400 TPD
Stock # 358
Capacity 2,400 TPD

This plant was operated for only 10 years since it had been built. It produces 98.5 - 99.5% sulfuric acid and fuming sulfuric acid (Oleum). Besides all the processing equipment of sulfuric acid production, the plant has its own utility facility including auxiliary boiler (60 ton/hr of steam), steam turbine generator (15 MW, Siemens), transformers (7 MW each). The plant is equipped with Honeywell DCS. Full documentation, including PFDs, P&IDs, operating procedures, process control logic, and equipment files, are available. Plenty of spare parts are available.

Sulfuric Acid Plant - 1,650 TPD
Stock # 421
Capacity 1,650 TPD

Sulfur is first melted in the sulfur day tank. The molten sulfur is pumped to a buffer pit, and then to sulfur burner. A waste heat boiler (#1) recovers the heat from the sulfur burner to generate sulfur dioxide. The SO2 proceeds to the converter, where it is converted to SO3. The converter consists of 4 beds of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) catalyst. The first pass has 56,000 liters of catalyst, 2nd pass 62,400 liters, 3rd pass 77,000 liters and 4th pass 132,000 liters. A second waste heat boiler (#2) recycles the heat from the converter. The SO3 stream passes the economizer, which increases the efficiency of the operation, and then goes into a single absorbing tower. Here the SO3 is absorbed into water. The absorbing tower has 60 Mist eliminators, 5,569 cubic feet ceramic packing. The raw sulfuric acid solution goes to a drying tower which takes air from the main air blower for drying. The drying tower has mesh pads, 4,560 cubic feet ceramic packing. The sulfuric acid product of 98% is then pumped into an intermediate tank and through coolers before entering product storage tanks. The plant reliability is excellent and estimated to be around 98% on-line, with a budget of 12 days per year allocated for routine maintenance by a crew of 6 maintenance staffs. Plant turnarounds are typically taken every 3 years.

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