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Monochloracetic Acid Plant - 7,730 TPY
Stock # 136
Capacity 7,730 TPY

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used Monochloracetic acid plant immediately available The manufacture of MCA involves the reacting of chlorine, acetic acid and acetic anhydride in Chlorinators under high temperature (200 to 240 Degrees F). The chlorine is supplied in liquid form from a rail car and then turned into vapor in the Chlorine Vaporizer. The chlorine vapor will pass through a knock out pot to remove entrained liquid and a heater to ensure a high temperature before entering the bottom of the Chlorinators. The acetic acid and acetic anhydride are fed to the Chlorinators in liquid form. Several reactions take place inside the Chlorinators. The acetic anhydride reacts with HCl to produce acetyl chloride (the catalyst) and acetic acid. The acetyl chloride reacts with chlorine to produce chloroacetyl chloride and HCl. The chloroacetyl chloride reacts with acetic acid to form MCA and acetyl chloride. Furthermore, the chloroacetyl chloride can also react with chlorine to form dichloroacetyl chloride and HCl. The dichloroacetyl chloride then reacts with acetic acid to form DCA. MCA can also react with chloroacetyl chloride to form DCA. The reaction mix leaving the Chlorinators will have 50% to 80% MCA (depending on the final DCA in the product desired) and acetic acid.

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