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5 Methanol Plants for Sale
Methanol Plant - 190 TPD
Stock # 204
Capacity 190 TPD

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 190 TPD Methanol plant immediately available. The plant produces 17,270 lbs/hr (190 T/day) fuel grade methanol from steam saturated natural gas. Main process steps are Feedstock Desulfurization and Saturation, Synthesis Gas Production, Crude Methanol Production, Heat Recovery, Compression and Distillation.

Methanol Synthesis Loop - 1,300 TPD
Stock # 384
Capacity 1,300 TPD

Phoenix Equipment has for sale a 1,300 metric TPD Methanol Synthesis Gas Loop. The methanol loop processes raw synthesis gas and recycle gas in the presence of a zinc / copper catalyst. The partially reformed gas stream from the primary reformer is sent to the secondary reformer where it is reacted with oxygen and most of the remaining methane converted to synthesis gas. The synthesis gas leaving the secondary reformer is cooled, compressed and sent to the converter loop where carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen are reacted to produce crude methanol, a mixture mainly of methanol and water.

Methanol Plant - 165,000 TPY
Stock # 410
Capacity 165,000

This methanol plant uses low pressure process from Lurgi of Germany. The plant has capacity of 165,000 TPY if raw material is natural gas, or 190,000 TPD if raw material is naphtha. The plant has three process sections. The first section receives and clean raw material, which is heated to fixed temperature and in fixed ratio mixed with water steam. This mixture goes to reformer where at app. 1000 degree C in special pipes filled with catalyst to generate synthesis gas. The second process section is for raw methanol synthesis, which is an exothermal reaction in synthesis loop. The first section uses 4 columns for final methanol production distillation. Three of the columns are used for methanol distillation, and the fourth column for re-distllation of waste water and deprivation of alcohol addition. The plant has Foxboro control system. The plant has shut down and is currently cold preserved.

Methanol Plant - 250,000 TPY
Stock # 411
Capacity 250,000

This complete methanol plant has one (1) Foster Wheeler steam methane reforming unit to generate syngas for producing 200 TPD of methanol, one (1) Davy steam methane reforming unit to generate syngas for 300 TPD of methanol, and one (1) auto thermal reforming unit to generate syngas for 250 TPD methanol. The plant also includes a CO2 recovery unit of 90 TPD capacity. The plant's high thermal efficiency methanol distillation unit has three (3) columns capable of distillate 800 TPD of methanol. The plant has its own air separation unit (ASU) to generate 150 TPD of oxygen.

Methanol Plant - 43 TPD
Stock # 420
Capacity 43 TPD

This methanol plant was designed to utilize the syngas generated from a biomass gasifier to produce organic methanol or mixed alcohols. The can also use the syngas generated from natural gas reformer and coal gasifier as feedstock. The process is pentane-based batch azeotrope separation. The 1st and 2nd gas compressor skid system is rated at MAWP 425 psig at 300F, with 1750HP motor; the 3rd and 4th compressor skid is White Superior Frame 72 - (2) cylinder rated at 2500 psig at 300F, 1750 HP. The catalytic methanol converter is designed for 3.9 MMBTU/hr, using MegaMax 700 catalyst supplied by Sud Chemie of Germany. Operation manuals and drawings are available. Sales package includes all interconnecting pipes, structure and instruments. Although gasifier or reformer is not included in this plant, Phoenix Equipment can supply a syngas production unit, which generates 10,000 Nm3/hr of hydrogen. See Plant # 405 for more details. (

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