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3 Ethanol Plants for Sale
Ethanol Plant - 165,000 TPY
Stock # 352
Capacity 165,000

The 165,000 TPY Ethanol plant produces anhydrous ethanol from corn. Also called a corn dry mill fermentation plant, this plant ferments and distills corn ethanol by taking corn as the feedstock and grinds the corn kernel into "meal". The meal is then slurried by adding water along with enzymes before transferring the product to the fermenters where the final conversions take place, producing ethanol.

Ethanol Plant - 10 MM GPY
Stock # 440
Capacity 10 MM GPY

Phoenix Equipment currently has for sale a complete 10 MM gallons/year (approximately 30,000 tons per year) ethanol plant. The plant was originally commissioned in 1996, and upscaled around 2005 - 2006. Many equipment items have been replaced with new ones in the recent years. The new equipment is designed according to industrial standards for continuous operation (24 hours/day, 7 days/week). The plant includes all process areas: Grain Receiving and Storage, Corn Cleaning and Milling, Liquefaction and Cooking, Yeast Propagation and Fermentation, Distillation, Dehydration, Stillage Evaporation, Stillage Separation, WDG Storage and Shipping, Fuel Ethanol Storage and Loading, CIP System, and Chemical Storage. The plant yield is an average of 0.5 lb of anhydrous ethanol and 0.49 lb of WDG (wet cake) per lb of fermentable starch. Instrumentation is mainly Endress Hauser. Operation system is Siemens PCS7 installed in 2015.

Ethanol Dehydration Plant - 67.5 MM GPY
Stock # 446
Capacity 67.5 MM

Phoenix Equipment currently has for sale a complete 76.5 MM Gallons/Year Ethanol Dehydration plant. This plant was built in 2005. It has a daily capacity of 700,000 liters per day, 252 million liters (67.5m Gal) per year. Its main purpose is to dehydrate alcohol from 95° GL to 99.5°-99.9° GL. Operations stopped, in 2009, due to shortage of raw material.

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