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Ammonium Nitrate (AN) Plant - 500 TPD
Stock # 354
Capacity 500 TPD

The plant was built in 1992, when all the equipment except prill tower was manufactured new. The prill tower was a used one relocated from another plant. In 2010, because the mining industry in vicinity reduced the demand of ammonium nitrate, this plant stopped production and has been idled since then. The prill product has quality parameters: friability less than 20%; AT 500 – 700 ppm; ATH 600 – 850 ppm; pH 5.5 – 6.5. This complete plant includes process sections: vaporization, neutralization, concentration, prilling, cooling and drying, and coating. The core process is neutralization, where ammonium nitrate is produced by combining a 57% solution of nitric acid with vapor phase ammonia in a reactor vessel commonly known as a neutralizer. The plant has a pressurized neutralizer. This Neutralizer produces 55 psig process steam as well as up to 504 tons/day of ammonium nitrate. The ratio of ammonia and acid entering the Neutralizer is controlled to maintain a pH of 8-10 in the process steam. A pH slightly on the acid side is maintained in the Neutralizer.

Low Density Ammonium Nitrate Plant - 400 TPD
Stock # 416
Capacity 400 TPD

This low density ammonium nitrate plant was built in 1998. The sale package includes concentration, prilling, and drying sections. The Prilling Scrubber is a closed tank of grade 304L stainless steel, of approximately 3.5m (11'6") internal diameter and overall height of approximately 8.5m (27'10"). Internally the vessel contains a mist eliminator, spray headers, packing off a support grid and a chimney collector tray the metallurgy of which is grade 304L stainless steel. The Coating Drum is approximately 2m (6') diameter and 4m (13') long, of carbon steel construction, with a drum wall thickness of approximately 0.025m (1") with internal flights welded to the inner skin of the drum. There are flights staggered throughout the length of the drum of overall length either 1.2m (4') or 1.5m (5') each. It is supported on 3No. rotating bull gearing trunnions one of which is a drive motor and the others being tyre supports. The Vacuum Evaporator Condenser is approximately 0.9m (3') diameter and overall length of 5.3m (17'4") in height with the bottom of the condenser approximately 30.5m (8'4") above the ground floor slab level. It is of grade 304L stainless steel construction and internally contains approximately 400No. tubes of grade 304L stainless steel. Neutralizer, ammonia evaporator, condensate flash tank, 83% ammonium nitrate solution tank are not available. But the data sheets and drawings of all the equipment are included in the sale.

Ammonium Nitrate Plant - 640 STPD
Stock # 430
Capacity 640 STPD

Liquid ammonia feeds the ammonia tank where ammonia is flashed and preheated with ammonia vapors. The ammonia evaporation takes place in the air cooler and in exchanger fed with hot cooling water from condensers. Gaseous ammonia and liquid nitric acid are injected through spargers into the bottom part of the neutralizer tank. The neutralization is an exothermic reaction. Process steam obtained at neutralization reaction is scrubbed in before being condensed. The ammonium nitrate solution leaving the neutralizer is concentrated in a falling film evaporator operating under vacuum. Strength of the solution is adjustable. In the prilling process section, the AN solution first mixes with additives. The mixture then flows by gravity to the prilling nozzles. Nitrate droplets solidify while falling down and are collected on screening conveyor at the bottom of the prill tower. The prills are brought to the pre-drying drum, and then conveyed to the rotary dryer. Dryer screen installed after the rotary dryer is used to control the prill size. Preliminarily screened product goes to the final cooler drum fed with conditioned air. After a fine screening and coating process, the final product is sent to AN storage.

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