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Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 1,140 TPD
Stock # 207
Capacity 1,140 TPD

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used Ammonia plant immediately available. Gas enters the synthesis section at a ratio of approximately three parts hydrogen to one part nitrogen. This ratio is maintained with only small variances to enhance catalyst reaction during ammonia conversion. Compression raises the process gas stream to the higher pressure as coolers and chillers, utilized between compressor stages, maintain temperature. Following process gas to ammonia conversion over a high temperature catalyst bed, the process stream is cooled. Exchangers, coolers, and chillers are utilized to reduce the gas stream temperature with either water, ammonia or a cooler gas stream to drop out the liquid ammonia for storage. This plant is a part of an ammonia and urea production facility. Review Plant # 206 for the information of the 1,350 TPY urea plant.

Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 120 TPD
Stock # 232
Capacity 120 TPD

Used 120 TPD Ammonia (NH3) plant. N-Ren Amopak process designed for high mobility. Major revamp and improvement in 2012. Equipment dismantled and ready for quick loading and transport. Major process sections: primary reformer, secondary reformer, shift converter, methanator. Compressor train consists of air compressor, refrigeration compressor and synthesis loop compressor. Operation pressure in reforming and purification section: 240 psig, in synthesis Loop 4850 psig - 5150 psig. Consumption: natural gas 38,000 SCF per ton; Steam: 3,500 lbs per ton; Electricity: 740 KWH per ton.

Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 635 TPD
Stock # 308
Capacity 635 TPD

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 635 TPD Ammonia plant immediately available. The plant directly introduced hydrogen and nitrogen as feed-stocks into ammonia synthesis converter. There is no reforming section. This plant is ideal for a company which is short of natural gas supply but would like to set up ammonia production close to an air separation unit, a chlorine plant or other plants which generate hydrogen.

Ammonia Synthesis Plant - 235 TPD
Stock # 432
Capacity 235 TPD

This ammonia synthesis plant uses high pressure process designed by La Grande Paroisse of France. The plant directly introduced hydrogen and nitrogen as feedstocks into ammonia synthesis converter. The plant does not have a steam methane reformer (SMR). Design capacity 220 TPD, current operating capacity 235 TPD. Process pressure 350 bar, power requirement 4.36 MW. An air separation unit is available. It generates 7,300 Nm3/hr of nitrogen at 99.99% purity and 3,970 Nm3/hr of oxygen 99.99%. Power requirement of the ASU is 4.64 MW.

Ammonia Plant - 1,000 TPD
Stock # 433
Capacity 1,000 TPD

The plant has three process sections. (1) Syngas generation. In this section, natural gas goes through compression and desulphurization, and then enters medium pressure primary reformer and secondary catalytic reformer. Carbon monoxide catalytic conversion occurs in two temperature stages. (2) Syngas purification. Benfield system is used to remove carbon dioxide from raw syngas. CO2 is converted into methane. (3) Ammonia synthesis and refrigeration. A centrifugal compressor powered by steam turbine compresses purified syngas, which is then sent to ammonia synthesis reactor. Product ammonia is chilled by a refrigeration system and then delivered to storage tanks. This plant had several major upgrades after 1990, including: (a) synthesis column upgrade in 1996, (b) new technology for nitrogen recovery from purged gases in 1994, (c) new monitor system for the ammonia synthesis compressor and the refrigeration compressor in 1996, (d) replacement of tubes in the primary reformer in 2008, (e) new secondary reformer burner in 2014. (This plant is compatible with Urea Plant #434).

Ammonia Converter
Stock # 439
Capacity 64" ID

Used Ammonia Plant Ammonia Synthesis Converter, Manufactured By Victoria Machinery Depot Co. Ltd. Dimension: 64.125" ID x 50' 4.875” Height. Shell thickness 7.5", head thickness 7.625". Design pressure 4625 psig, design temperature -20 to 430 F, tensile strength 80,000. Canadian Registration # A-515.4. Board #123. Manufacturer Serial # 393. Built 1966. Previously used for ammonia production.

Ammonia Plant - 1,000 TPD
Stock # 449
Capacity 1,000 TPD

Used 1,000 MTPD Ammonia Plant. Haldor Topsoe process. Major equipment replacement, overhaul and upgrades in 2014. Last turnaround in 2015. Use natural gas as feedstock. Gas efficiency better than 36.85 MBTU/MT of ammonia. NOx emission less than 75 ppm. Complete technical documents and spare parts available. A matching urea plant of 1,800 MTPD also available.

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