Hydrazine Hydrate Plant - 15,000 TPY
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Hydrazine Hydrate Plant - 15,000 TPY Hydrazine Hydrate Plant - 15,000 TPY Hydrazine Hydrate Plant - 15,000 TPY
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Capacity 15,000 TPY
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Used 15,000 TPY Hydrazine Hydrate Plant built in 1978. It has a capacity of 15,000 TPY of Hydrazine Hydrate at 100%. Hydrazine hydrate is a raw material with extensive applications, such as - Water treatment: oxygen scavenger, protection of boiler circuits, synthesis of flocculants and coagulants; - Agrochemicals: phytosanitary synthesis intermediates; - Pharmaceuticals: bioactive synthesis intermediates; - Polymerisation and blowing agents (major product is azodicarbonamide): acrylics, PE, PVC, EVA, rubber, etc.; - Processes and chemical applications: synthesis intermediates, treatment processes, precious metal purification. The raw materials used in this plant are caustic soda solution, chlorine, ammonia, acetone, steam, nitrogen, natural gas, water and air. Typical Hydrazine Hydrate dilutions include the following grades: 100%, 85%, 80%, 60% and 54.7%. Lower strength grades may also be produced. Available technology documentation includes: plant design information, equipment files, capital project files, P&IDs, safety & hazard reviews, maintenance records and production records.

Major Equipment

This Hydrazine Hydrate Plant comes with the following equipment:
Caustic Filters
Caustic Mixers
Hypochlorite Reactors
Caustic Chillers
Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Stainless Steel Tanks
Ammonia Stripper Interchangers
Ammonia Stripper Reboilers
and Much more
Year Built
Year Shut
15,000 TPY

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