Choline Chloride Plant - 40 TPD
Stock # 239
Capacity 40 TPD
Products Choline Chloride


Used 40 TPD Choline Chloride Plant. This plant produced high purity liquid choline chloride (vitamin B4) which is primarily used as a feed additive. CC liquid is produced by the reaction of trimethylamine (TMA) with hydrochloric acid (HCl) and ethylene oxide (EO) in a continuous reactor. The yield on key raw materials: HCl and EO > 99%, TMA 98% with 2% recycled. The process can be highly automated and requires a minimum of personnel. TMA-HCl is produced by the reaction of TMA and HCl in a reactor. See plant # 240 for details of TMA-HCl production unit.

Major Equipment

This complete plant includes TMA-HCl and CC liquid production units. The equipment has been dismantled, cleaned and stored in separate container. Major equipment:
Titanium lining reactor
Steel evaporator
Steel scrubber
Ethylene oxide scrubber
Ethylene oxide reactor
Pumps, valves, flow and pH instruments
Year Build
Year Shut
40 TPD

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