Adiponitrile (ADN) Plant - 100,000 TPY
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Adiponitrile (ADN) Plant - 100,000 TPY Adiponitrile (ADN) Plant - 100,000 TPY
Stock # 221
Capacity 100,000 TPY
Products Adiponitrile (ADN), Acrylonitrile (AN)


Used 100,000 TPY Adiponitrile (ADN) Plant. ADN is produced by the electrohydrodimerisation (EHD) of acrylonitrile (AN). The dimerisation of AN is by direct electrolysis in the presence of a recirculated aqueous electrolyte solution. The basic reaction equation is given below: 2 CH2CHCN + 2 e- + 2 H+ --> NCCH2CH2CH2CH2CN. The products are adiponitrile (ADN) and hexamethylenediamine (HMD), both of which are intermediates in the manufacture of Nylon salt.

Major Equipment

(13) EHD reactors and (2) separators for dimerisation of AN. Other major equipment includes: off-gas scrubbers, QAS extraction feed tank and column, AN stripper feed tank and column, ADN storage tanks and refiner column and flash column, AN stripper decanter and recovery column, recycle AN tank, PNP column, low boiler stripper column, solvent recovery column, evaporator, crystalliser, vacuum filter, buffer tank (mother liquior tank), lead removal system.
Year Built
Year Shut
100,000 TPY

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