Spray Drying Plant - 758 Kg/Hr

Spray Drying Plant - 758 Kg/Hr

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 758 Kg/Hr Spray Drying plant immediately available. Atomization is through a rotary atomizer F-35, means of heating chamber is by direct gas-fired heater, Vibro Fluidizer steam-heated air heater, product recovery - cyclones and bag filter, product discharge - rotary valves. Operational data: amount of feed 758 kg/h, product 752 kg/h, water evaporative capacity 758 kg/h, volatiles 9 kg/h, capacity 1516 kg/h, total 761 kg/h, air inlet temperature chamber 145 deg C, Vibro Fluidizer section 1 55 deg C, section 11 35 deg C, exhaust air temperature chamber 65 deg C.

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