Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Plant - 70,000 TPY

Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Plant - 70,000 TPY

Used 70,000 TPY Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Plant. In the process styrene is polymerized in a water suspension at increased temperature. A blowing agent, pentane, is added in the process. Chemicals are added for controlling the suspension as well as reaction process. Flame-retardant chemicals are added for certain grades Depending on grades produced the ratio between pentane and styrene could differ, but as “ a rule of thumb” 930 kg styrene and 70 kg pentane is used to produce 1000 kg EPS. The EPS beads, formed in the polymerization and produced in a batch, range in size and have to be separated into fractions at a later stage. The process is a batch process with 4 stainless steel reactors equipped with agitators and heating and cooling coils. Following the reactor the so formed beads are passed over to a buffer tank into the continuous post-treatment part starting with the drying section and the screening part. We can arrange to provide a full set of process flow sheets and can jointly with engineering partners to provide detailed engineering flow sheets and full support for erecting a plant.

Major Equipment
- 4 reactors each 48 cub. meter in stainless steel and with agitator as well as heating and cooling coils (2 reactors from 2001, 2 older) - buffer tanks in stainless steel one 150 cubic meter two 50 cubic meter each and all with agitators - dryer, Carter

EPS, Expandable Polystyrene

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