Carbon Dioxide Plant - 24 TPD

Carbon Dioxide Plant - 24 TPD
STOCK# 521
Capacity 24 TPD

Used Union Engineering designed carbon dioxide plant of 24 tons/day capacity. Plant built in 2006, shut down in 2021. The plant burner generates CO2 by combustion of oil. The plant includes liquefaction unit, purification unit and refrigeration unit to make food grade CO2 product. During its operation, the plant supplied CO2 to beverage industry. The plant is PLC controlled by Siemens S7-414 CPU and operated from the HMI operator panel OP270 from Siemens.

Major Equipment
Flue gas scrubber
Absorber tower
Stripper tower
Flue scrubber heat exchanger
Rich/Lean MEA heat exchanger
Gas cooler heat exchanger
CO2 Compressor A & B
Dehydrator A & B
Carbon filter
Refrigeration unit

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

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