Polysilicon Plant - 10,000 TPY

Polysilicon Plant - 10,000 TPY
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Polysilicon Plant - 10,000 TPY Polysilicon Plant - 10,000 TPY Polysilicon Plant - 10,000 TPY
STOCK# 510
Capacity 10,000 TPY

Used 10,000 MTPY Polysilicon plant for sale. The plant has turn-down ratio of 50%. It includes the following process sections: Trichlorosilane (TCS) Production via Hydrochlorination, TCS Purification, Chlorosilane Waste Recovery, CVD Reactor Off Gas Recovery, Product Handling, Filament Preparation and Analytical. The raw materials for the production are metallurgical grade silicon (MG-Si) Grade 441 or Grade 3303, Hydrogen Chloride (> 99.5% purity), Silicon Tetrachloride (> 99.0% purity), Hydrogen (> 99.999% purity), and catalyst Copper (II) Chloride powder (CuCl2) (> 98% purity). Polysilicon product specifications: Solar Grade; Total Acceptors (B, Al) < 0.1 ppba; Total Donors (P, As) < 0.4 ppba; carbon < 0.3 ppma.

Major Equipment
Hydro chlornation reactor
DCS reactor
Residue stripper
Quench column
Chlorosilane stripper
Crude TCS column
DCS / TCS column
STC vaporizer reboiler
TCS superheater
TCS vaporizer
CVD reactor
HCl absorber tower
HCl distillation tower


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