NGL / LPG Plant - 45 MMSCFD

NGL / LPG Plant - 45 MMSCFD
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NGL / LPG Plant - 45 MMSCFD NGL / LPG Plant - 45 MMSCFD NGL / LPG Plant - 45 MMSCFD NGL / LPG Plant - 45 MMSCFD NGL / LPG Plant - 45 MMSCFD
STOCK# 490
Capacity 45 MMSCFD

Used 45 MMSCFD NGL/LPG Plant built 1996. This plant is designed for two purposes: (1) remove CO2; (2) convert hydrocarbons to liquid petroleum gas / natural gas liquid products. The plant consists of several process sections: dehydration, compression, propane recovery column, demethanizer, refrigeration, hot oil and drain. Inlet gas goes to tri-ethylene glycol (TEG) dehydration unit to remove water. Dried, compressed and cooled gas goes to propane recovery column (PRC). The PRC is a column containing 67 bubble-caped trays and 2 chimney trays, and provided with a partial condenser using propane refrigerant. It separates CO2 from hydrocarbon in the inlet gas using absorption and cryogenic fractionation. The PRC overhead is sent to the reflux accumulator where liquids and gas are separated. The vapor steam goes to the demethanizer that is an 8-trayed column. Liquid accumulating in the base of the demethanizer is CO2 product. The overhead vapor from the demethanizer goes to a reflux accumulator and then to gas/gas exchanger as residue gas and is utilized as plant fuel gas. The bottom from the PRC is a heavy product composed mostly of C5+, that is discharged to the gas/gas exchanger. The PRC also produces natural gas liquids (NGL) from the middle of the column. The condensate stabilizer column separates the NGL to propane / butane mix and stabilizer condensate. The heat for the condensate stabilizer column is provided by the hot oil system of the plant.

Major Equipment
Glycol / glycol exchanger
Dehydrator beds (4)
Inlet gas compressors (2)
Propane compressors (4)
Propane recovery column
PRC reboiler
PRC reflux condenser & accumulattor
PRC side & bottom coolers
Stabilizer column
Stabilizer reboiler
NGL condenser
NGL treater
Propane condenser
Propane economizer
Refrigeration subcoolers (2)

Propane, Condensates, NGL

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