Ethanol Dehydration Plant - 67.5 MM GPY

Ethanol Dehydration Plant - 67.5 MM GPY

Used 76.5 MM Gallons/Year Ethanol Dehydration Plant built in 2005. It has a daily capacity of 700,000 liters per day, 252 million liters (67.5m Gal) per year. Its main purpose is to dehydrate alcohol from 95° GL to 99.5°-99.9° GL. Operations stopped, in 2009, due to shortage of raw material.

Major Equipment
- (2)Firetube boilers
SERMARTEC: 12,000 Kg/h vapor production, 170 psi/ 12kgf/cn2, 765HP, Fuel oil #6
-Water Demineralization system 5m3/hr. cation, anion, and carbon fliter
-Fuel supply system, daily tank 2.6 m3. Fuel oil heater 0.43m3 and heating surface 2.75 m3
- (2)Cooling towers
ALPINA: 1200 m3/hr, (4) pumps, water recirculation 400m3/hr
-rectifier tower 26m tall works with reboiler TC304.
-exhausting tower / 25 plates / 22m tall, works with reboiler TC403A/TC403B
-Tower 18” diameter, and 3.4m tall
-horizontal cylinder tower 47” diameter and 5.20 m in length
-vertical 43”diameter 4.05 mts tall
-vertical 28” diameter 4.08 mts tall
-vertical thermal syphon 45” diameter 3.20 mts tall
-horizontal 24” diameter 4.20 length
-thermal syphon 1.7 mt diameter 4.75 mts tall
-primary condersator horizontal 4.75 mts long
Daily consumption tanks
-(2) 50m3, 4mts diameter, 4.85 tall
-(1) 30m3, 3.40mts diameter, 3.90 mts tall
NORTEC CORP: GC-200 air cooled
-Controls, actuators and electrical panels for all equipment


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