Ammonia (NH3) Synthesis Plant - 235 TPD

Ammonia (NH3) Synthesis Plant - 235 TPD
STOCK# 432
Capacity 235 TPD

Used 235 TPD Ammonia Synthesis Plant built in 1972. Uses high pressure process designed by La Grande Paroisse of France. The plant directly introduced hydrogen and nitrogen as feedstocks into ammonia synthesis converter. The plant does not have a steam methane reformer (SMR). Design capacity 220 TPD, current operating capacity 235 TPD. Process pressure 350 bar, power requirement 4.36 MW. An air separation unit is available. It generates 7,300 Nm3/hr of nitrogen at 99.99% purity and 3,970 Nm3/hr of oxygen 99.99%. Power requirement of the ASU is 4.64 MW.

Major Equipment
Ammonia converter (37 tube axial flow design) made by Ateliers et Chantiers de Nantes
Compressor made by Cooper Bessemer
Waste Heat Boiler made by Linde


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