60 TPD LNG Regasification Plant

60 TPD LNG Regasification Plant
STOCK# 417
Capacity 60 TPD

Used 60 TPD Regasification Plant built in 2011. The plant is designed to convert liquid natural gas back from chilled liquid state to natural gas at an atmospheric temperature. This plant consists of: (2) 50 Liter Odorant Tanks. Built by Inimo SL. Rated 10barg @-10/+45C. Built 2010. (3) 200m3 Cryogenic Tanks. Designed by Abantia TICSA. 10.5bar @ +196/20C. Capacity 210500 ltrs. Saddle Mounted. Built 2011. (2) 304SS Abantia TICSA Natural Gas Vaporizer and pressure vessel. Shell rated 12 bar @100C. Tube Rated 10 bar @-200/+50C. Built 2011. (3) Abantia TISCA Reboiler. Material of construction 304L SS. Shell rated: 10 bar @100C. Tube rated 100 bar @ -200/50C. Built 2011.

Major Equipment

Natural Gas

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