Methylamine Plant - 15,600 TPY

Methylamine Plant - 15,600 TPY
STOCK# 413
Capacity 15,000 TPY

Used 15,000 TPY Methylamine (MA) Plant built in 1976. This complete plant includes two production units. The first unit uses ammonia and methanol as raw materials to produce Monomethylamine (MMA), and then Dimethylamine (DMA) and Trimethylamine (TMA). The reaction occurs in the vapor phase fixed bed of silica-alumina catalyst. Overall capacity is 3,000 TPY MMA, 8,600 TPY DMA and 4,000 TMA. The second unit reacts DMA with Methyl Acetate to generate Dimethylacetamide (DMAc). The design capacity is 3,500 TPY of DMAc. The process technology and engineering is from ICI.

Major Equipment
Ammonia / Methanol vaporizer
Amine reactor
Ammonia column
TMA Column
Dehydration Column
DMA Column
DMA / methyl acetate reactors 1 and 2
Ion exchanger
Distillation Column
Methanol Column
Refining Column

Monomethylamine, Dimethylamine, Trimethylamine, Dimethylacetamide

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