Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Unit (ULSD) - 22,600 BPD

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Unit (ULSD) - 22,600 BPD
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Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Unit (ULSD) - 22,600 BPD

Used 22,600 TPD Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) Unit built in 1995. The ULSD Unit has a 73 m3 reactor which operates at pressure of 56 barg. The unit has 4 separators and reboiler type stripper (fractionator), but does not have a high-pressure amine scrubber. The main advantages of the four separator system are: • Efficient heat integration due to elimination of excessive cooling and subsequent heating of reactor effluent liquid product; • Lower overall fired heater duty; • Improved wash water/oil separation since wash water is injected into the gas phase after the reactor effluent oil has been withdrawn. Inlet hydrogen has pressure of 40 barg and make-up purity of 99.9%. At the operation pressure of 40 – 50 barg, a typical chemical hydrogen consumption is 25 – 45 Nm³/ton of feed. The ULSD Unit includes a complete SRU (30 TPD) unit and a DEA unit.

Major Equipment
- Charge heater
- Reactor
- Recycle gas compressor
- Reactor effluent cooler
- Cold high pressure separator
- Knock out drum
- Product stripper
- Stripper reboiler
- Fuel gas compressor
- Stripper overhead condenser
- Stripper overhead product drum
- H2S absorber
- Hot LPS flash gas cooler

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 8 - 10 ppm

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