Siemens Steam Turbine & ELIN Generator - 400 MW

STOCK# 12121
Capacity 400 MW

This 400 MW, 50 Hz coal fired power plant has a 3-stage Siemens steam turbine and a 21 KV hydrogen cooled ELIN generator. Using hard coal and natural gas as fuels, this plant has net output (base load) 387 MW, net efficiency (base load) 41.9%, and net output (min load) 170 MW. The plant has a complete flue gas treatment system which includes electrostatic precipitators, SCR DeNOx plant and 3 lines of spray dryers. Emission level is controlled at NOx 150 mg/Nm3, dust less than 20 mg/Nm3, SO2 50 mg/Nm3, and CO less than 10 mg/Nm3. Steam parameters: HP (1 section) 258 bar/540 degree C; IP (2 sections) 44 bar/535 degree C; LP (4 sections) 5.1 bar/244.5 degree C. The plant was operated for 13,000 hours since the last overhaul in 2012.

Major Equipment
- Firing systems (coal and gas) including gas supply (including gas regulating station downstream) and coal supply (incl. coal bunkers downstream)
- Boiler including water / steam system and flue gas path systems
- Steam turbine and condensing plant including auxiliaries
- Cooling plant incl. cooling water pumps downstream
- Generator and auxiliaries
- Main & auxiliary transformers incl. auxiliaries (cooling, protection…)
- High voltage switchyard
- Flue gas treatment plant
- Distributed control system (with minor exclusions)


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