Amine System - 60 MM SCFD / 1500 GPM

Amine System  - 60 MM SCFD / 1500 GPM
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Amine System  - 60 MM SCFD / 1500 GPM Amine System  - 60 MM SCFD / 1500 GPM
STOCK# 388
Capacity 60 MM SCFD

Used 60 MM SCFD / 1500 GPM Amine plant built in 1997. 60 MMSCFD gas flow rate, 1500 GPM circulation rate, inlet gas pressure 310 PSI, designed to remove 33% CO2, 1.45% H2S. The plant provides gas sweetening to the incoming inlet hydrocarbon gas with the removal of CO2 & H2S in varying degrees depending on the selection of solvent utilized in the process. The existing selection of amine solvent was optimized for deep CO2 & H2S removal using Dow Chemical's Ucarsol AP-804 amine solvent. The design of the system was to treat 60MM SCFD of incoming gas and removing essentially all H2S and CO2 to the wet gas header specifications. The original basis of design for the system changed over the years to 85% CO2 and 2-5% H2S. Due to the high quantity of both contaminants in the inlet wet gas, a high circulation rate was required to keep the rich loading in the 30-40% region and is what drove the sizing of the system to such a large system.

Major Equipment
This Amine System available at Phoenix Equipment comes complete with the following equipment:

Amine Contractor
Amine Solvent Stripper
Rich Amine Flash Tank
Reflux Accumulator
Solvent Drain Sump
Feed Gas/Oil Coalescing Filter
Rich Solvent Filter
Solvent Carbon Bed
Solvent After Filter
Charcoal Filter
Lean Solvent Pumps
Reflux Pumps
Solvent Drain Pump
Water Wash Pump
Lean Solvent Coolers
Solvent Stripper Reflux Accumulator
Lean/Rich Solvent Exchangers
Solvent Stripper Reboilers
Solvent Storage Tank

Natural Gas

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