Methanol Synthesis Loop - 1,300 TPD

Methanol Synthesis Loop - 1,300 TPD
STOCK# 384
Capacity 1,300 TPD

Used 1,300 MTPD Lurgi designed Methanol Synthesis Gas Loop built in 1974, refurbished (partially), currently dismantled and stored for resale. The methanol loop processes raw synthesis gas and recycle gas in the presence of a zinc / copper catalyst. The partially reformed gas stream from the primary reformer is sent to the secondary reformer where it is reacted with oxygen and most of the remaining methane converted to synthesis gas. The synthesis gas leaving the secondary reformer is cooled, compressed and sent to the converter loop where carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen are reacted to produce crude methanol, a mixture mainly of methanol and water.

Major Equipment
The Methanol Synthesis Loop that converts raw synthesis gas to methanol has the following major pieces of equipment:
(2) 62,000 Sq Ft Converters - Shell Rated 920 PSIG @ 520F
Tubes Rated 777 PSIG @ 515F
(1) High Pressure Methanol Separator
(1) Low Pressure Methanol Separator
(1) Converter Steam Drum
(1) Converter Inter Changer
(1) Crude Condenser
(1) Recycle Compressor
also Distillation Columns, Compressors and Heat Exchangers

Methanol, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen

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