Polypropylene (PP) Plant - 200,000 TPY

Polypropylene (PP) Plant - 200,000 TPY

Phoenix Equipment has the following state of the art 200,000 TPY polypropylene (pp) plant for sale. The polymerization has two gas phase reactors, so can produce homopolymers, random copolymers and impact copolymers. The extruder is a Coperion ZSK300, with a 5.5MW Loher main motor and associated transformer. The extruder also has a Maag polymer pump, Gottfert on-line rheometer, and electric hot oil systems for the die plate and barrel. A Refinery Grade Propylene (RGP) purification system includes a Propylene Treatment Plant which contains alumina bed driers, a de-ethaniser column, and a de-butaniser column. It supplies treated RGP to a propane-propylene splitter (PPS). The PPS is a heat pump design for minimum utilities demand. Long term supply of catalyst is available. Former plant engineers can provide start-up and training services.

Major Equipment
polymerization reactors
air blowers and spinners
Atlas Copco compressors
propylene purification system
propane-propylene splitter

Polypropylene (PP)

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