Glycerin Plant - 1,800 TPY

Glycerin Plant - 1,800 TPY

Used 1,800 TPY Glycerin Plant built in 1996. Uses crude glycerin as feed stock to produce final, distilled glycerin with minimum purity of 99.6%. The crude concentrated glycerin is transferred through a pump to the deaerator to remove any air. Then it's transferred to the heat exchanger where reach 80?C, entering to the column to be distilled in different stages under a special conditions to produce distilled glycerin with 99.6% min B.P. USP glycerin.

Major Equipment
This 1,800 TPY Glycerin Plant for Sale at Phoenix Equipment comes complete with:
Distillation column
Purified sweet water tank
Glycerin pre heater
Column reboiler
Stripped Glycerin condenser
Control switchboard

All documentation and drawings are on file.


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