Nitric Acid Plant - 70 STPD

Nitric Acid Plant - 70 STPD

Used 70 TPD Nitric Acid Concentration Plant built in 2005. The plant contains two process sections: nitric acid concentration and sulfuric acid concentration. The NAC takes fresh nitric acid and recycled acid mixtures (55% - 69%) to generate concentrated nitric acid up to 99.4% purity. The NA column is an extractive distillation using SA as the extractant. Two streams, fresh nitric acid and sulfuric acid, come to the NA column. Concentrated nitric acid flows from the top of the column, and waste sulfuric acid from the bottom and then concentrated in the SAC section and returned to the NA column.

Major Equipment
Absorption Column
Nitric Acid Pre-condenser
Nitric Acid Condenser
Quench Cooler
Separator Surge Tank
Nitric Acid Absorber
Waste Sulfuric Acid Tank
Distillate Receiver
Sulfuric Acid Concentrator
Sulfuric Acid Flash Chamber
Separator Storage Tank
NOx Separator
Absorber Compressor
Product Cooler

Concentrated Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid

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