520 Quart Planetary Mixer PVM-700

520 Quart Planetary Mixer PVM-700
STOCK# 8421
Capacity 520 Quart

Used ASADA Iron Works model PVM-700 planetary mixer. S/N 0003640. Full tank capacity approximately 200 gallons working capacity 130 gallons. 304 Stainless steel mixing tank rated 0 to 30 kPa (FULL VACUUM). Dimensions 43" diameter X 31" high straight side. 30KW drive motor with gearbox. Hydraulic lift, blade rotation speed 0/35 RPM, revolution 0/18 RPM, stroke 900mm, pneumatic material drop door, material tote unload stand, Equipped with gate style agitator blades. Built 2003.

Manufacturer Unknown
Model# PVM-700
Material Unknown
Capacity 520 Quart
Category Mixers
SubCategory Planetary
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