380 Liters Arde Barinco C1 Homogenizing Mixer

380 Liters Arde Barinco  C1 Homogenizing Mixer
STOCK# 5341
Capacity 380 Liters

Used 380 Liter Arde Barinco Model C1 Jacketed Tank Mounted Mixer/Emulsifier, 5 HP, Stainless Steel Arde Barinco Model C1-05-535-R033-HL Jacketed Tank Mounted Mixer/Emulsifier, stainless steel construction, rotor/ stator design, top mounted on 100 gal Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank, 34" dia x 27" straight side, cone bottom with center bottom outlet, tank rated ATM @ -20 to 200 F int, Jacket rated 150 PSI @ -20 to 200 F, driven by 5 HP, 3/60/ 230-460 volt, 3450 RPM, explosion proof motor, mounted on stainless steel legs.

Manufacturer Arde Barinco
Model# C1
Material Unknown
Capacity 380 Liters
Category Mixers
SubCategory Homogenizing
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