2200 Ton York Chiller

2200 Ton York Chiller
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2200 Ton York Chiller 2200 Ton York Chiller 2200 Ton York Chiller 2200 Ton York Chiller 2200 Ton York Chiller 2200 Ton York Chiller
STOCK# 9586
Capacity 2200 Ton

Used 2200 Ton York Water Chiller Model OM-238A7. Driven by steam turbine. Chiller Load 2000 Tons. Cools 4000 GPM of Water from 49F to 37F and 8000 GPM from 85F to 94.7F. Compressor shaft 1902HP. Approx. evaporator temp 32.5F. Approx. condenser temp 99.8F. Cooler Liquid Press. Drop 34.6ft Water.Condenser Water Pressure Drop 15.0ft. Design Tube Side Fouling Factor Cooler 0.0005. Design Tube Side Fouling Factor Condenser 0.00075. Control Power Requirements: Electric 120V/160Hz/1ph and Pneumatic 4.S CFM at 60 to 100 PSIG. Aux Oil Pump Power Requirements: Compr. 3.0HP 460V/60Hz/3ph. Aux Water Requirements Oil Cooler: Compressor IS.O GPM 11.7ft P.D. Entering Water Temp – BS.0F. Tube Side Foul Factor 0.001. Murray backpressure steam turbine model 141UV3. Serial # 5327. 1325 HP 260 PSIG throttle/ 5 PSIG exhaust. Steam pressure at throttle: 260psi at 500F. Back pressure at throttle: 6.5psi. Turbine operating speed: 5000 RPM. Rotation direction: Counterclockwise. Handvalves: 2. Good working condition. Installed in 1995. It has been preserved (refrigerant laid up in nitrogen and water side still wetted to prevent corrosion) and should start up without any issues. Documentation and drawings available.

Manufacturer York
Model# OM-238A7
Material Unknown
Capacity 2200 Ton
Category Chillers
SubCategory Chillers
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