Property, Plants, and Equipment Solutions

  • Purchasing Complete Plants with Real Property (in "as is where is" condition)
  • Purchasing Complete Plants and Removing the Plant (leaving you with a broom clean property)
  • Purchasing Individual Pieces of Process Equipment

Equipment and Plant SolutionsAt Phoenix Equipment, we offer Real Solutions for managing the closure of your process plant and lines, and unlocking the real value of your redundant and surplus assets through our various Investment Recovery Services - (Note: we are a member of the Investment Recovery Association). We have a flexible approach to property, plant and equipment acquisitions that can be tailored to meet your short-term and long-term objectives. And keep in mind that by selling your plant or process line to Phoenix Equipment, you can realize further savings by passing on the obligations of plant carrying costs (utility, taxes, security) to Phoenix as well as freeing up key personnel's time to focus on your core business.

If you are unable to sell certain plants as an ongoing business, we would be very interested in discussing your objectives in more detail and visiting the sites on a global basis. We can be flexible and structure a deal that addresses all of your concerns in regards to demolition, safety and the environment, and recovering the most value from your redundant assets.

At Phoenix, we don't simply list your equipment on our website and hope to sell it... we pay you top dollar and assume all the risk of selling it.

Our Solutions for Plant Closures and Surplus Equipment Include:

Plant Relocation Sales: With a customer base throughout the world, we work with companies interested in relocating complete chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, refinery and process related plants. We have the in-house knowledge and experience to find a buyer for your redundant plant, as well as manage the match-marking, dismantlement, crating, export and shipping process. Phoenix can purchase your plant or market it on your behalf for a success-fee.

Liquidations & Auctions:  Phoenix can help you establish a value for redundant process equipment, and then manage an orderly liquidation and/or auction of your facility for a success fee. Alternatively, we can out-right purchase your assets and assume 100% of the risk to liquidate and sell the equipment. Either way, we can manage and perform the complete removal process from rigging to shipping, so you can focus on your main business and be rest assured that at the end of the day you have a broom clean site, cleaned out warehouse or whatever scope of work suits your requirements.

List Equipment on Our Website: Listing surplus plants and equipment is easy and free. Simply send us details and photos so we can begin to market your equipment on our website. We can do all the work: locate potential buyers, provide proposals, negotiate the sale, manage and perform engineering or refurbishment work, coordinate removal, loading and shipping.

Consignment Warehousing: We can store your surplus process equipment at our facility at no cost in exchange for a success fee when the unit is sold.

Dismantlement & Demolition: Over the last 30 years, our safe and reliable team has dismantled and/or demolished over 100 complete chemical and pharmaceutical plants and safely performed hundreds of more here.