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Transforming solids into particles and particles into powder is one of the most common industrial operations in a variety of industries. Industrial mills perform these tasks and more. They are often called upon to separate and remove unwanted portion components from a material to be collected or further processed – chaff from wheat or shells from peanuts, for example. Mills are used to classify coffee beans, crush ore, transform wheat into flour, make sausage, and grind everything from peppercorns to sewage.

With so many applications, selecting the type, size, orientation and other features can be confusing. Phoenix Equipment maintains warehouses full of used mills for sale. Whatever your feed, cutting, pulverizing, and sorting needs, we are sure to have the used mill that will be perfect for your application.

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Application and Specifications

In fact, there may be several types of used mills you could use to process your feed material into the size, shape, and consistency you need. So, the first step in selecting among the used mills available is to exclude the ones that are unsuitable. Here are the factors to consider:

  • Material – What will you be grinding, chopping, or cutting? Is the raw material oily, like nuts? Hard, like gold ore? Brittle like ceramic? Abrasive like limestone? Will it absorb water? Stretch? Melt? These characteristics may necessitate more frequent mill maintenance or additional equipment such as coolers and dehumidifiers.

  • Particle Size – How fine does the final product need to be? That is, are you making wood chips or sawdust? Salt pellets or grains? Similarly, how large are the chunks being fed into the mill. If you’re making table salt, will you be working from pellets or blocks? If the feedstock is large and the output is small, you will need more time and larger equipment to produce a given production quota.

  • Next Step – What will happen to the material after the mill has finished with it? Does it go directly to packaging? need to be processed further, dried, or seasoned? Will it become part of another product? Depending on the capabilities of the downstream equipment, you may need to select a mill for sale that can round off sharp edges, make particles a consistent shape or size, or dispose of seeds, shells, etc.

    Grinding Tools and Media

    Once you have narrowed the possibilities, it’s time to shop for the used mills for sale at Phoenix Equipment. The final selection will hinge on how the mill will process the material. Depending on the industry and the process, the right mill for the job will beat, pulverize, or file the material to the proper size and consistency. Here’s how the general classes of mills get the job done:
  • Impact Mills include pin and hammer mills that use components to strike the feed material, breaking it into smaller and smaller pieces.

  • Attrition Mills are often employed on fibrous and friable materials and work by placing the feedstock in a container with grinding media. In most operations, larger media (ball mills) is used with larger feedstock, though if a powdery output is required, smaller grinding media (pebble mills) may be needed. Agitating the container propels the particles into the media, where impact and shearing action reduce their size.

  • Compression Mills – Roll mills, the most common compression mill, is versatile, rugged, and require low horsepower. They often use impact and shear forces as well, but compression does the heavy lifting by pulling feed material between a plate and the rolls.

Phoenix Equipment carries a long line of used mills for sale in every type, shape, capacity. Our inventory includes a vast selection of roller, attrition, media, pin, stone, ball, and other used mills suitable for the energy sector. And we have experts on staff to help you determine which is best for your operation. We deal only in equipment manufactured by the most quality-conscious in the industry: Alpine, Bepex, Eagle Crusher, McClanahan, Remco, Waukesha, and dozens more.

Contact our customer service professionals for help deciding the ideal used mill for your operation. There’s a good chance it’s sitting here waiting for you. If not, we continuously replenish our inventory so we can get it for you quickly. The Phoenix Equipment team will assist you developing the mill specs for your process and issue an all-points bulletin with our extensive network of buyers and suppliers. Let’s get started. Contact us today.