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The agitated nutsche filter is a filtration method used in various applications including pharmaceutical production, chemical processing, laboratory industries, active pharmaceutical ingredients, high-purity organic chemicals, dyes, precious metals, and waste water treatment. Nutsche type filters use vacuum or pressure within the closed vessels during the evaporation or filtering process.  Nutsche Type Filter / Dryers can be rated internally for pressure, heated with a jacket, and have agitation systems that double as a cake discharge screw. For additional drying the shaft of the agitator can be cored for heating and cooling. One advantage of the filter/dryer system is the combined filter-dryers are designed to remove the residual liquid phase from the cake by filtering and drying in the same vessel. The filtration process for Nutsche Type Filter/Dryers involves 1) Filling, 2) Filtration, 3) Plug Flow Washing, 4) Reslurry Washing, 5) Smoothing, 6) Drying / Cooling, and 7) Discharging.

Phoenix Equipment buys and sells Nutsche Filters and Filter / Dryers from manufacturers such as 3V Cogeim, Allegheny Bradford, American Alloy Fab, APV Pasilac, Aurora, Baeuerie and Morris, Bird/Baker, Comber, Cuno, De Dietrich, Estrella, Eurofiltec, Guedu, Lampart, Mueller, Newell Dunford, Northland Stainless Inc., Pfaudler, Powder Systems, Rosenmund, Schenk, Seitz Enzinger, Sparkler Filters Inc., Zwag and many others. De Dietrich manufacturers three models of manual nutsche filters: the Roman Filter is designed for quick turnaround between campaigns, with its key focus on cleaning and filter media change-out; the QVF Nutsche Filter provides a variety of batch vacuum filtration requirements as often encountered in kilo lab operation, chemical product development and pharmaceutical intermediate manufacturing; and the Glass Lined Nutsche Filter is great for processing pharmaceuticals, high-purity organic chemicals, dyes and precious metals. 3V Cogeim builds Nutsche Filter / Dryers with designs that include: fixed or removable bottoms with several closure options, various types of filter media, discharge systems suitable for wet or dry products and different agitator models. The filter models are the FPP series and the filter-dryer models are the FPP/SD and FPP/XD series. In the area of batch production in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, vacuum drying is without a doubt the most efficient method to obtain dry solids from filtered or centrifuged wet cakes. The Filtro FPP is a small scale nutsche filter used for pressure filtration, product washing (by reslurry or displacement), discharge, and where necessary, CIP wash, whereas the Filtrodry FPP/SD is used for pressure filtration, product washing (by reslurry or displacement), vacuum drying, discharge, and where necessary, CIP wash. The filter-dryer FILTRODRY FPP/XD performs similarly to the FPP/SD except that it is equipped with a unique four-armed agitator, which increases the heating surface area in contact with the product to be dried. This feature can possibly half the drying time and can help eliminate bottlenecks that are present in a production process.

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