High Shear Granulators & Mixers

Phoenix Equipment is a global buyer and seller of unused, used and reconditioned High Shear Granulators.

Buying and Selling Unused, Used and Reconditioned High Shear Granulators

Phoenix Equipment is a global buyer and seller of unused, used and reconditioned High Shear Granulators/Mixers from well known manufacturers like TK Fielder,GEA Pharma Systems, GEA Aeromatic-Fielder, GEA-Colette, Glatt, Fluid Air Pharmx, Powrex, Diosna, Freund-Vector, IMA Pharma, Key International, ProCepT, Bosch, Nicomac, MTI Mischtechnik, Servolift, Hoskawa Micron B.V, LB Bohle and Zanchetta.

We buy and sell High Shear Granulators/Mixers for lab, pilot and production. Sizes range from .5L to upwards of 1200L. Due to the clean-room nature of the industries involved, units are frequently made of high-grade sanitary finish stainless steel and powered by explosion proof (XP) motors and control units. A variety of options such as multiple sized nozzles and sprayers, application-driven design of impeller, blades and choppers, and multiple loading and unloading/discharging ports.   

High-shear granulators/mixers are used throughout the chemical process industries, wherever it is necessary to produce mixtures of ingredients that do not naturally mix (immiscible). The speed of the fluid/powder at the outside of the rotor will be higher than the speed of the fluid/powder at the center of the rotor. It is this speed difference that creates high-shear. Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, adhesive, chemical, plastics, paper manufacture, food preparation, cosmetic and toiletries industries use high shear granulators/mixers for wet or dry granulation, emulsification, homogenization, particle size reduction, and dispersion. Although specific instances vary by each discipline, some common uses are preparations of suspensions and granular products, bleaching and preparation of paper pulp, emulsions for condiments, sauces and dressings.

Common models include TK Fielder model PMA 150, GEA Pharma Systems, GEA Aeromatic-Fielder Pharma Connect, Baker-Perkins Type 101, Fuji Sangyo model FM-VG-25P, GEA-Colette model GRAL600, GEA-COllette GRAL75, Glatt model VG, Glatt model VG 65/10, Glatt TDG, Glatt TMG, Fluid Air Pharmx PX1, Freund-Vector GMXB Granumeist, Key International Model KG5, Key International model KG 15, ProCepT model 4M8, Diosna model P1/6, Bosch HGT 300, Bosch HBG 1200, IMA Pharma Rotomix 900, Servolift model P300, Powrex model FM-VG-25, Powrex model FM-VG-10M, Hoskawa Micron B.V Cyclomix, FUKAE POWTEC Model s-21, LB Bohle Model GMA and Zanchetta Roto 2000G

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