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Buying and Selling Used Vacuum Deaerators and Versators

A deaerator or versator is a device that is widely used for the removal of oxygen and other dissolved gasses for chemical, food & pharmaceutical applications. Deaerated products have a consistent volume for filling; provide a longer shelf life for products; have a smooth, glossy, foam-free surface; and are chemically more stable. Deaerated products are also dense, making precision dosage that much easier and allowing pack volumes to be reduced.

There are many different horizontal and vertical deaerators available from a number of manufacturers, and the actual construction details will vary from one manufacturer to another. Vacuum is generated with a liquid ring pump and is controlled by using a pressure probe.

The most popular units are manufactured by:

Cornell (Versator): A mechanical vacuum deaerator/defoamer capable of removing entrapped air/gas from liquids by spreading the liquid onto a rotating disc in a thin film within a high vacuum. The system operates continuously and can be installed in-line or used in batch process. Material processed also receives mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, blending, and emulsifying as a secondary action. Applications range from grease & light oil to heavy caulk, liquid soaps to viscous adhesives. Available in standard & sanitary constructions, and as individual units or as complete package units including a vacuum pump & electrical controls.  Common Cornel Versator models are the D-8 Versator , D-16EH Versator, D-26LH Versator.

Fryma-Koruma (Vacuum Deaerating Unit, Type VE): The liquid containing the air or gas pockets is distributed in a thin layer on a centrifugal disc with a sieve and then sieved into the vessel through a screening frame. The air and gas pockets expand under vacuum, causing the bubbles to burst and the liberated pockets to be exhausted by the vacuum pump. This method removes even the smallest air pockets completely. Substances with a high internal viscosity or sensitive emulsions can be deaerated perfectly. A discharge pump then feeds the deaerated product to the next process in the production line. Common FrymaKoruma Vacuum Deaerating Units are the LVE-A and LVE-D for lab and pilot sized applications; and the VE-0; VE-I; VE-II; VE-III; VE-IV; VE-V; and VE-VI for production applications.

Other major manufacturers are: Netzsch (DA / DA-VS Vacuum De-Aearator), Jaygo, Cherry Burrell, and Crepaco.

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