Case Erectors

Phoenix Equipment is the world's leading provider of used packaging equipment, especially case erectors. If you are looking for case erectors call Phoenix Equipment today to learn about our case erectors for sale from manufacturers including Fallas Automation, Combi, Wexxar, Marq, WePackit, Wayne, Loveshaw, SC Dice, 3M, Mead 6 and many others.

Buying and Selling Unused, Used and Reconditioned Case Erectors and Packaging Equipment

Phoenix Equipment buys and sells used packaging equipment and case erectors from the world's top brands. If you are looking for a case erector or any other packaging equipment, give Phoenix Equipment a call today to receive a quote for one of our various models, including Fallas Automation model L Index 200 Case Erectors, Combi 2-EZ Case Erectors, Wexxar WFT Tape Type Case Erectors, Marq HPE2001/LH70/B Case Erectors, WePackit 720 XLM Case Erectors, Wexxar model ABF-G Case Erectors, Combi 2EZXL Case Erectors, Little David model CF40 Case Erectors, Marq Packaging HPE-NS-G AB Case Erectors, Loveshaw CF40 T/XL Case Erectors, SV Dice 417MS Case Erector and many other Case Erectors for sale.

A case erector is used to make a case from a flat folded, pre-scored case blank. To form the case a few methods can be used: (1) pin and dome systems, which is a more mechanical approach or (2) using vacuum assisted pneaumatic systems, or (3) combining both pin and dome systems and vacuum assisted systems. Case Erectors, using glue or tape, seal the bottom of the case or leave the bottom unsealed and the case opening can be up or side facing. Advanced case erectors can be used to make bliss boxes, insert partitions into a box or case, or create a bag in case application by creating a case or box and inserting a bag into the case.

Phoenix Equipment is always looking to buy used packaging equipment and case erectors, as well as other used process equipment. If you have any used case erectors or equipment for sale, call Phoenix Equipment today and learn about our purchasing team's eagerness to pay top dollar for your used, surplus equipment.

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