Phoenix Equipment is the leading provider of unused, used and reconditioned Checkweighers and other packaging equipment. Phoenix Equipment carries hundreds of packaging equipment lines and machines, including Checkweighers Belts and Weigh Conveyors.

Buying and Selling Unused, Used and Reconditioned Checkweighers and Weigh Conveyors

Phoenix Equipment is a global buyer and seller of used checkweighers and packaging equipment. Visit our Packaging Equipment Categories to view Checkweighers recently purchased from top of the line manufacturers. We have checkweighers from world class manufacturers including: Ishida, Thayer, All-Fill, Best Inspection, Thermo-Scientific, Sartorious, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Bosch, Collischan, Detectronic, Doron, Garvens, Graseby, Hi-Speed, Icore, Loma, IMA Checkweigher, Kanetic Checkweighers, CI Electronics, Mettler Toledo, Fette and many others.

A checkweigher is an automatic or manual machine used to check the weight of packaged goods. Most commonly found at the end of a packaging process line, a checkweigher measures the packaged commodities to confirm that their weight falls within the desired certain limits. If too heavy or light, the packages are removed from the line automatically by the checkweigher. Phoenix Equipment carries hundreds of different models for checkweighers, including Thayer Model MXL20, All-Fill Alpha MW-16, Bosch KWE 200M, Collischan Type 641, Detectronic DE 200-2 checkweigher, Doron 4100, Garvens model SL 2 checkweigher, Ishida DACSV012SBWP1 checkweigher, Garvens model SL-3PM-CT checkweigher, Hi-Speed model Micromate model CM60MM-CT, Key International CW 2000 checkweigher and many others.

Phoenix Equipment is always looking to purchase used checkweighers and other packaging and process equipment. If you have any equipment for sale, contact Phoenix Equipment to discuss your unwanted equipment with our equipment purchasing team.

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