Form & Fillers

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Buying and Selling Unused, Used and Reconditioned Form and Fill Packaging Equipment

A Form and Fill machine shapes a package from one or several peices of flexible film (HDPE or LDPE) - using heat, time and pressure it creates a seal. A product is placed in the  newly formed container and the last seal is made. The package is cut from the next package in line and the process continues. Some form and fill machines guide premade pouches down a conveyor and close the final seal once product has been introduces. Primary users of Form and Fill are the food industry (primarily cereal and snacks) and nutraceuticals. Form and Fill machines can be oriented either horizontally or vertically.

Some of the main manufacturers of form and fill machines are Bosch, Doboy, Allpack, Triangle, Bossar, Hayssen, Circle, FMS Packaging, FMC, Fuji Foremost, Ishida, Matrix, SIG, IMA, Sandiacre, Klockner, Kliklok-Woodman, Bartelt, Bodalay Pratt, Hassia, Volpak, Wrap Aid, Key Pak, Package Machinery, Rovema, Shanghai Jiangnan, Alpaco, Aranow, Universal Pack Alpha, Cloud Pouch King, Effytec, Jones, Weighpack Swifty, Arthur G Russel, Cam Partena, Famar, IWKA and many others.




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