Stainless Steel or High Alloy Tray Columns

Phoenix Equipment is a global buyer and seller of unused, used and reconditioned Tray - Stainless Steel and High Alloy Columns.

Buying and Selling Unused, Used and Reconditioned Tray Stainless Steel and High Alloy Columns

Stainless Steel or High Alloy Tray Column design utilizes the tray design with stainless steel or high alloy as packing material. How a distilling  or fractionating distillation column works: Feed Liquid is introduced into a series of trays where gravity pulls it downward toward a boiler.  As the fluids reach their individual boiling points they become vapor. The vapors pass up the column, by way of bubble caps in the trays, through the cascading feed. Once they reach the top - they are condensed and saved as distillate. The process can be batch or continuous depending on the feed supply and demand. Industries that commonly use this type of column are petroleum processing,  natural gas processing, coal tar processing, liquified air separation,  hydrocarbon solvents production, and brewing.

Industry leaders in the building of steel tray columns include Apex, AMACS, Alabama Heat Exchanger, Entex, Fabrication Technology, Langfelds, Offenhauser, Koch-Glitsch, Roark Enterprises, Bay Tank,  PEMCO, Alloy Fab, Entex, Roberts Co., Tube Tec, RECO Industries, Trinity, Baeuerle and Morris, Kennedy Tank & Mfg, Eaton, Missouri Boilerworks, Par Piping and Fabrication, Arrow Tank and Engineering and Schwabel Fabrications.

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