Pusher Type Centrifuges for Sale

Phoenix Equipment is a global buyer and seller of new, used and reconditioned Pusher Type Centrifuges. Our current inventory offers Pusher Type Centrifuges from manufacturers such as Krauss - Maffei, Baker Perkins, and many others.

Buying and Selling Unused, Used and Reconditioned Pusher Type Centrifuges

A pusher centrifuge is a machine that allows substances that can clean, de-water and cake substances that are not normally compressible into that form - fibrous and crystalline solids are two such items. The slurry feeds into a pre-acceleration inner centrifuge - and is forced by a continuous plunger into a faster moving outer centrifuge. The solids that remain are washed and pressed to a cake by a sliding ram. Industries that benefit from pusher centrifuges are chemical, pharma, food processing and mining.

Primary manufacturers are Baker & Perkins (B&P), Krauss Maffei, Bird and Alfa-Laval (Krupp). Popular models included Krauss Maffei Model SZ90L, Krauss Maffei Model SZ30L, Baker Perkins model S-32, Baker Perkins model S-10, Baker Perkins model S-11, Baker Perkins model S-12, Baker Perkins model S-18, Baker Perkins model S-19.5,, Alfa-Laval (Krupp) model 600, Alfa-Laval (Krupp) model SB600.

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