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The Podbielniak Extractor, or Pod Centrifuge, works by combining centrifugal force and countercurrent flow to transfer properties of lighter fluids to heavier fluids. Heavier fluids are introduced to the banded separators through ports in the center - and they begin their journey outward. At the same time lighter fluids are introduced on the outside and begin to flow toward the center. As the fluids pass each other properties, like flavor, are transferred between them. typical applications that can use the Podbielniak centrifuge are Penicillin and Erythromycin production, Fermentation of Alcohol, Citric Acid, Biodiesel Reaction & Washing, Uranium extraction, Vanadium exctraction, Aromatics Extraction, Estrogen Extraction, Solvent Extraction, Water Washing, Liquid/Liquid Separation and Hydrogen Peroxide production.

Industry leaders are B&P Process Equipment,  Alfa-Laval, Hitachi and Podbielniak. Popular models include: Podbielniak Model 9700, Baker Perkins Model A-1, B&P Contactor Centrifuge, Alfa-Laval Model ABE216, Alfa-Laval Model ABE216E and Hitachi Ultrex EM-90.

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