Peeler Centrifuges for Sale

Phoenix Equipment is a buyer and seller of new, used, and reconditioned Peeler Centrifuges. Call us today to sell us your used peeler centrifuges or receive a quote for any centrifuge listed.

Buying and Selling Unused, Used and Reconditioned Peeler Centrifuges

Phoenix Equipment has a wide variety of Peeler Centrifuges. From Stainless Steel Peeler Centrifuges, Hastelloy Peeler Centrifuges, and Pharmaceutical Grade Peeler Centrifuges - Phoenix Equipment is looking to buy and has for sale Peeler Centrifuges made from Robatel, Comi-Condor, and Dorr-Oliver. Our Peeler Centrifuge models include EHBL813DRG, HX-GMP630-250, and BW630H. The peeler centrifuge is a device that performs by rotating a filtration basket in an axis. High rotation speed provides high centrifugal force that allows the suspended solid in feed to settle on the inner surface of basket. Sometimes called a horizontal basket pusher, the peeler centrifuge is used in various areas such as fertilisers, pharmaceutical, plastics and food including artificial sweetener and modified starch. 

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