Phoenix Equipment acquires your surplus plant or machinery, and then executes a liquidation or auction as the principal – taking all risk to sell the assets. In many cases, once we have realized a revenue threshold from equipment sales, your profit continues to increase through a revenue sharing agreement. We manage the entire process: cataloguing, marketing, negotiating, payment collections, item removal and transportation. We are also able to execute turn-key plant dismantlement work related to the sold assets and related items and areas of the plant.

You owe it to your company to maximize the value of all your assets, whether they are being actively used to manufacture product or sitting in a warehouse gathering dust. Phoenix’s equipment liquidation services can help you recoup your investment in surplus machinery.

As one of the world’s top equipment liquidators, Phoenix Equipment offers a full-service solution to your excess equipment dilemma. Let us handle the details and recuperate working capital for you by executing a full service liquidation or auction – risk free to your company.


Step 1

Inventory - Phoenix’s plant liquidation experts will visit your facility or do a virtual meeting to catalog all your equipment that is for sale. They will inspect each piece, photograph it, assess its condition, and estimate its value.

Step 2

Marketing – With a full accounting of your salable resources, Phoenix will work to match apt buyers who will pay top dollar for as much of the equipment as possible. We accomplish this through aggressive marketing of the liquidation sale, leveraging our extensive network of customers and contacts.

Step 3

Sales – Our plant liquidation service includes fielding inquiries from buyers, arranging viewings of equipment and hosting visits to your location for inspections.

Step 4

Negotiation and Closing – We negotiate all transactions to ensuring the best price and terms., Phoenix will collect payments and remit your share to you.

Step 5

Auction Coordination and Execution – Phoenix will schedule, market, and conduct auctions for equipment best suited for that format and machinery not liquidated through arranged sales. Our professional staff will manage the auction to ensure professionalism and the best results.

Step 6

Delivery and Cleanup – Once plant liquidation sales become final, our team will decommission, remove, secure, and ship all equipment to its respective buyers. We can even remove unsold pieces from your plant and ready it for salvage.


Phoenix can customize a liquidation plan for any size plant and any type of equipment. We start by consulting with you to formulate a plan for achieving your goals and identify the best way to market and sell each machine and component. Phoenix also offers a number of other equipment and plant sale options , if outright purchase and liquidation is not the right fit based off your situation or needs.

Contact Phoenix Equipment when you’re ready to turn your idle equipment into cash. We will mobilize our team to identify buyers, develop a marketing plan, and implement an equipment liquidation plan that meets your needs.