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Crown Iron Works Model 48 Milling Flash Drying System – Available for Sale


Now available for immediate purchase: Used Crown Iron Works, Model 48, Milling Flash Drying System (Plant #548). It was designed and used for food-grade orange pulp with 17,000 Lbs/Hr capacity but the plant can be used for a wide range of applications in various industries including:

  • Drying food products such as grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, and final products
  • Drying various chemicals, including powders, granules, and crystalline materials
  • Drying minerals and mining products such as ores, concentrates, and mineral powders
  • Animal Feed
  • Drying and processing environmental materials, such as sludges, biomass, and waste products

Process Summary

The Milling Flash Dryer is basically a low energy jet mill, that uses jets of low-pressure air to encourage inter particle collisions between pieces of feed material. These inter particle collisions break up the feed material in the dryer with no moving parts in the dryer or airstream. The dryer is in the shape of a torus, or donut that is broken up into 2 basic areas: (1) Manifold & Milling area; (2) Classifier.

The ideal feed material for the Flash Dryer is a crumbly and free flowing cake that breaks up readily when it enters the drying air stream. The feed material enters the recirculating hot air upstream of the first nozzle, with the centrifugal forces generated by the air concentrating the material in the area above the nozzles. Particle-to-particle collisions begin immediately, deagglomerating the material before hard agglomerates can form. A tremendous amount of surface area is created allowing evaporation to occur quickly, thereby depressing air temperature in a very short period of time. Centrifugal forces are generated by the recirculating gases within the dryer, forcing the larger particles to the peripheral walls. Finer material is displaced towards the inside radius of the dryer where the classifier outlet is located. Fine product exits the dryer along with the exhaust gas vapor. Larger particles or agglomerates are recycled to the nozzle area dryer for further de-agglomeration and drying.

Major Equipment

  • Ring Flash Dryer (MFD-105), Crown Iron Works Model 48
  • Forced Draft Blower (F-102A and F-102B), 22,500 CFM, Spencer Turbine
  • Burner and Burner Housing, Crown Iron Works
  • Gas Train
  • Combustion Fan
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Baghouse
  • Cyclone Assembly, 93", Crown Iron Works
  • Mixing Conveyor
  • Incline Screw
  • Backmixer

Excluded Equipment: Rotary Lobe Blower, Filter Discharge, Vacuum Filter Receiver, Recycle Hopper, Recycle Conveyor, Heat Exchanger

For More Information

Visit the Phoenix Equipment plant listing for more information on the Crown Iron Works Model 48, Milling Flash Drying System and specific equipment being offered.

Our inventory includes a wide range of industrial processing components and turnkey plants for a variety of industries in gas processing, chemical processing, refining and power generation. Phoenix Equipment representatives have extensive experience in acquiring processing plants, including plants with complex relocation steps. Contact our experts today for assistance selecting the equipment or entire manufacturing facility that you need.


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