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Phoenix Equipment Announces: 81 MW General Electric 7EA Gas Turbine Generator Set – Available for Sale


Now available for immediate purchase: 81 MW General Electric 7EA gas turbine generator set (Stock #19866).  This General Electric unit was built in 1997 and has been used but well maintained. It has 61344 hours of operation with 5590 total starts. It is shut down in 2022. Original design data and documentation is available. The gas turbine generator set is immediately available for relocation.

Below are specifications of the unit:

One (1) General Electric Frame 7EA gas turbine generator set consist of following.


  • GE model 7A1PEA38-1 gas turbine, Duel fuel, base rated 81,730 KW, Peak rated 89,490 KW, water injected combustion with inlet air cooled, heat rate at Iso 10,480 btu/kwh, serial #295600, 3600 rpm, CCW rotation.
  • GE 800 HP motor starter, model 8213825402, 3570 rpm, frame 8211Z, 2300/4000Vv, built 1997.
  • Philadelphia Accessory gear box with atomizing air compressor
  • Side exhaust to HRSG.
  • Steam injected for Nox control.
  • Worthington Natural gas compressor.
  • Liquid fuel pump and supply system.
  • GE TEWAC generator rated 105,778 kva, 13800V, 3 phase, 60 hz, pf: 0.9, Serial #336X349, 4425 amps, 300 v exciter volts, field amps 874, 3600 rpm.
  • Mark IV control system, EX2000 exciter.
  • GAC with GE Type VVC-13.8-1000-0GV circuit breaker.
  • Enclosure indoor housed.
  • Major inspection and upgrade in 2000, last overhaul in 2013 and 3000 hours since last overhaul


For More Information

Visit the Phoenix Equipment power plant listing for more information on the 81 MW General Electric 7EA gas turbine generator set and the specific equipment being offered.

Our inventory includes a wide range of industrial processing components and turnkey plants for a variety of industries in gas processing, chemical processing, refining and power generation. Phoenix Equipment representatives have extensive experience in acquiring processing plants, including plants with complex relocation steps. Contact our experts today for assistance selecting the equipment or entire manufacturing facility that you need.


Stock# 19866
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