Chemical Plant - Liquidation & Dismantlement - Evonik

Date Published:   02/15/2018

Evonik closed its Silanes and Orthoester Specialty Chemical Plants for business reasons in 2010 at its Theodore, AL site. The closed plants were located within Evonik’s large operating complex.  Evonik needed land the plants sat on for another project.  Although Evonik could have simply demolished the plants, they recognized that they could recover the most value by contracting with a process equipment buyer who had the ability to not only remove the process equipment of value but also complete the removal of all unwanted structures and piping within the area.  Phoenix purchased the equipment in July 2012 and safely completed the complex dismantlement and demolition scope by February 2013.


Our Solution

Asset Recovery / Sales Plan

Phoenix Equipment paid Sanofi for the plant and equipment and performed all removal and dismantlement work at no cost.  We were able to do this by leveraging our ability to purchase and resell process equipment.  Phoenix safely dismantled and rigged out at its own expense over 100 pieces of process equipment for resale, including:(13) Hastelloy Reactors, (9) Glass Lined Reactors, (3) Filter Dryers, (13) Hastelloy Heat Exchangers/Condensers, (3) Centrifuges, (4) Shelf Dryers, (12+) Sparkler and Nutsche Filters, (5) Milling Systems (10) Temperature Control Units, (10+) Tanks, (4) Chillers, (10+) Lab Equipment, and (10+) Scales.


Asset Recovery Summary

100+ Pieces of Process Equipment
250,000 lbs+ of Non-ferrous material
1500 Ton+ of Carbon Steel


Dismantlement Work

Total Plant Demolition
Equipment Rigging
Scrap Recycling

In addition to equipment removal and building demolition, Phoenix offered a turn-key demolition service as part of our acquisition that included the following: Geographical Survey, Disconnects and Utility Safe-offs, Electrical Terminations, Testing of Masonry Materials, Extermination, Soil Erosion Control and Landscaping. 

Our 8 person crew spent six months at the NJ plant to safely perform the project without any injury or incident.  Phoenix utilized a Komatsu PC400 Excavator equipped with a shear, a Komatsu PC300 Excavator equipped with a grapple, various cranes ranging from 65 Tons to 500 Tons, various man-lifts, skid steer dozers and forklifts.  Our crew worked with the plant’s employees to time our operations in the plant’s active areas.

The Phoenix Difference

Phoenix Equipment has been the trusted experts for used process equipment and complete chemical plants for over 60 years. We combine an expansive equipment inventory with industry leading knowledge to help you find what you need.

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