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Wet Spinning Frame Pilot Plant - 800 TPY
Stock # 217
Capacity 800 TPY

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used Wet Spinning plant immediately available. Originally built in 1997 at a cost of over $6,000,000.00 Euros,this complete Wet Spinning Frame Pilot Plant has a capacity of 800 T/Y at 615 detex at an operation time of 8,000 hours per year. It was originally designed for spinning segmented polyurethane fibers, in which a fiber-forming polymer is dissolved in a solvent and this solution is conveyed (pumped) to spinnerets. It can be used for chemical spinning as well. You can spin both polyether and polyester segmented polyurethane polymers. The Plant can produce multifilament yarn in a denier range of 100 detex (144 denier) up to 1,200 dtex (1,800 denier). The spinning frames were designed and engineered by Zinser in cooperation with Bayer Engineering. The winders were designed by Menegatto of Italy. The spinning frames are designed in 7 modules with 6 positions each. The total # of spinning heads is 42 heads, 4 ends.

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