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Synthetic Cryolite Plant - 8,000 TPY
Stock # 115
Capacity 8.000 TPY

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 8,000 TPY Synthetic Cryolite plant immediately available. Raw materials: -silicofluoric acid (20-40%) -aluminium hydroxides -sodium fluorosilicate -calcinated soda Product: synthetic cryolite -fluort content: min. 52,5% -aluminium content: min. 12,5 % -sodium content: max. 33,0% -fineness: under 100 mesh Typical operating requirements per metric ton of cryolite -silicofluoric acid solution: 0,40 tons -aluminium hydroxides: 0,48 tons -odium fluorosilicate: 0,47 tons -calcinated soda: 0,58 tons -steam: 4 GJ -gas: 66 gn m3 -electic power: 440 KWh -technological water: 14 m3

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