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1 Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Scrubbing Plants
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Scrubbing System - 48,000 Nm3/Hr
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Capacity 48,000 ...

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 48,000 Nm3/hr Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Scrubbing System immediately available. The Scrubbing System is intended to abate SO2 concentration from industrial waste gas to a permissible level for discharge to the atmosphere (less than 100 ppm). The system is capable to treat 48,000 Nm3/hr gas containing sulfur dioxide, and can produce 12,000 tons per year of liquid SO2, which can be used to produce sulfuric acid. This patented technology uses an aqueous amine solution to achieve high selective absorption of sulfur dioxide from a large variety of gas streams. The scrubbing by-product is pure water saturated SO2 gas, recovered by steam stripping which can be converted to sulfuric acid or sulfur. Both the SO2 Scrubbing System and the absorbent have excellent health and safety properties. The benefits of this proprietary process and absorbent include: * Recovery of marketable byproducts: high quality pure SO2, sulfur or sulfuric acid; * No solid waste / landfill gypsum; * No Solids handling; * Non-volatile and low toxicity solvent; * Very low solvent degradation rate; * Low capital and operation costs; * High flexibility; * Tolerate large fluctuations of gas flow and SO2 concentrations; * High reliability and low maintenance cost; * Small footprint; * Elimination of high cost consumable reagents and associated transportation costs; * No environmental legacy obligations and costs; Reduced capital costs due to its high capacity and selectivity; * Minimal emission of effluents from the process. The system is a highly flexible system adapted to a large variety of applications, including: * INDUSTRIAL AND UTILITY BOILER FGD; * FCCU AND FLUID COKER OFF-GASES; * SULFURIC ACID PLANT TAIL GAS; * CLAUS SRU TAIL GAS; * SMELTER AND REFINING OFF-GASES; * CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING PLANT OFF-GASES; * PULP MILL BLOWPIT AND BOILER GAS

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