Air Separation Units (ASU’s) for Sale

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7 Air Separation Units (ASU’s) for Sale
Air Separation Unit - 600 TPD
Stock # 340
Capacity 600 TPD

The plant includes major process sections of air purification, air separation, argon purification and separation. The plant includes all spare parts and complete technical documents.

Air Separation Unit (ASU) - 207 TPD
Stock # 341
Capacity 207 TPD

This 207 TPD Air Separation Unit (ASU) was designed to produce 207 TPD of gaseous oxygen, 13 TPD of liquid oxygen, 6 TPD of liquid nitrogen and about 10 TPD of crude argon.

UHP Oxygen Plant - 3 TPD
Stock # 393
Capacity 3 TPD

The air separation unit applies the latest technology to produce ultra high purity (UHP) liquid oxygen. The plant can achieve low power consumption high reliability, and rapid restart. The UHP O2 is discharged to batch tank with in-line leading indicator (N2 & Ar) analysis prior to transfer to product tank. All the equipment for this cryogenic air separation unit has never been used since it was manufactured. The plant has a lot of spares still packaged in boxes.

VSA Oxygen Plant - 112 TPD
Stock # 408
Capacity 112 TPD

This oxygen plant uses VSA (vacuum swing adsorption) process to generate 125,000 SCFH (or 112 TPD) of oxygen at 93 +/- 2 percent purity. The process unit has 3 bed VSA; pressure off VSA is 5 - 7 PSI; Pressure off booster is 200 +/1 10 PSI. The plant has (2) compressors / blowers of 770.6 HP/880 RPM and 1133.4 HP/892 RPM, respectively; (2) ABB motors of 4000 V / 1250 HP; (1) Sulzer - Burckhardt booster of 594 RPM; (3) absorber vessels; (1) Basco air blower aftercooler; (1) HP GOX buffer vessle. The plant has GE Fanuc control system. The plant was started in 2000, and now is still in operation. All equipment is in excellent running condition.

Air Separation Unit - 450 MTPD
Stock # 409
Capacity 450 MTPD

This air separation unit is capable to produce 450 metric tons per day of gaseous oxygen (GOX), 180 metric tons per day of gaseous nitrogen and 180 metric tons per day of pumped liquid oxygen (LOX). The main air compressor is Atlas Copco model HL9-5 centrifugal air compressor with water wash facility and system cooling facility with cooling tower. The modular designed cold box has all control valves and circuitry located at or close to ground level for easy operation, inspection and maintenance. The back-up system is steam fed vaporisers with one train per each product (nitrogen and oxygen), capable of vaporising liquid from storage tanks to match outputs from ASU operation. Full gas analysis and control uses Teledyne Analytical Equipment hardware.

VPSA Oxygen Plant - 220 TPD
Stock # 414
Capacity 220 TPD

This unused VPSA plant consists of two (2) identical process modules, each of which has designed capacity of 110 TPD. The plant operation is a periodic batch process, in which adsorbent material is alternately fed with pressurized air to produce the required product, and regenerated by vacuum to remove the residual gases from the adsorbent. During the generation of oxygen, a cyclic swing between overpressure and vacuum occurs. To reduce energy consumption, the pressure is equalized between the production and regeneration steps. Each adsorber undergoes a cyclic process consisting of (1) Adsorption (O2 production); (2) Desorption (evacuation); (3)Re-pressurization (pressure build-up). VPSA plants provide great energy efficiency and flexibility to applications for furnace enrichment, oxygen fuel burners, glass manufacturing, gold bleaching, water treatment, steel mills, oxygen bleaching at pulp and paper mills, uranium recovery, and ozone generation. They are often the most cost-effective oxygen production choice up to 60 tons per day or more, providing high purity oxygen is not required.

Oxygen Plant - 160 TPD
Stock # 435
Capacity 160 TPD

Air separation unit, lower pressure switching plant, 160 TPD gaseous oxygen (95% at 50 psig) and 87 TPD gaseous nitrogen (99.99% at 50 psig). Joy TAE -160, 3-stage air compressor,; Atlas Copco 2-stage centrifugal product compressor. Compressor motor 3,000 HP Westinghouse. Power consumption 2,240 KW. ETAO-4 turbine, oil loaded expander. Plant dismantled, equipment ready for packing and shipment.

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