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Potassium Hydroxide / Chlorine Plant - 90,000 TPY
Stock # 146
Capacity 90,000 TPY

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used potassium hydroxide / chlorine plant immediately available. Capacity is rated as 92,000 TPY potassium hydroxide, 30,000 TPY chlorine, 860 TYP hydrogen. The plant is divided into four main areas: - THE CELLROOM - BRINE RESATURATION - KOH EVAPORATOR - KOH STOCK TANKS AND LOADING AT CLS In the cellroom there are 30 FM21 electrolysis cells. These cells consist of 60 anodes and 60 cathodes arranged alternately with membranes between them so forming 120 compartments. If the raw material is changed from potassium chloride to sodium chloride, this plant can produce caustic soda.

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